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PANEL DISCUSSION | Town Planning and Design April 26, 2018

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China is entering into its third phase of urbanization. In China's early opening up period there was the need to provide basic development. Retail, office and housing development opened the door to the changing fabric of our cities.  The second phase of urban development became the commercial development of our cities, with rapid expansion or our urban areas with mixed use development, residential communities and business parks making up the bulk of this urbanization pattern. With many people moving to the cities our towns and villages have suffered a loss of population as young people move to the urban centers in search of jobs and better quality of life. With this movement of people, our towns and villages are rapidly losing population and a declining quality of life. 

The third phase of urbanization (which we are entering into now) is about creating a higher quality of life in our towns and villages, to hopefully provide a better quality of life for its residents. Tourism, agriculture, elderly living, wellness, science and technology clusters, and the internet are all enticing urban dwellers to return to enjoy village life and to reverse the tide of urbanization that is impacting our major cities in China.

The purpose of this panel is to discuss trends in town and village development in China. Our panel consists of a group of professionals who are engaged in the development of these new lifestyle and thematic towns and we are excited to hear their differing thoughts.


Anderson Hsieh - AECOM Shanghai

Xia Nankai - Tongji University

Angela Yang - Mott MacDonald

Dou Zhang - Director, Sasaki Shanghai Office

MODERATOR - Greg Yager - Senior Vice President, CRTKL


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