IR 2019

Annual Conference of the AIA International Region

November 14-17, Shanghai

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China’s rise over the last 30 years has led to unprecedented economic, political and technological growth and development. In the process, it has transformed to be one of the world's fastest urbanizing nations. By 2025, China will have constructed the equivalent to 10 New York-sized cities. However, China's ambitions and focus has evolved to be a world leader in tackling global issues. This transition placed in motion enormous cultural shifts that have prompted an agenda to elevate both their national and cultural identity.

 Now, China sets its sights on their next frontier: a focus on their communities, the future of their younger generations, and the culture they will come to define. New technologies also come into play that re-define how the country governs, how their citizens interact, and how cities are planned as a result. This brings rise to integration of technologies like artificial intelligence to more efficiently manage cities, improve buildings safety, and increase the quality of life for its people. These shifts will affect how people live, work and play and certainly all aspects of our built environment.

 As China’s influence grows, what happens inside of China becomes increasingly relevant to all cities around the world. Attendees will benefit from this intensive, three-day forum to meet and interact with notable people and other allied professionals engaged in this important discussion on the new reality in China.

Conference space is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Proof of membership status is required.

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What is the AIA International Region (IR)?

The AIA International Region, formed in late 2012, is the nineteenth region of the Institute. It encompasses all areas outside of the United States. In terms of membership -- at approximately 2,400 -- the new AIA International Region is about the same size as nine other regions of the Institute. It is considerably larger than at least three other regions, and it is growing at a time when some others are shrinking.

All offshore AIA chapters - seven in all, with others forming - are now part of the new region. Stateside, the average "penetration rate" for AIA membership - that is, the proportion of licensed architects who belong to the Institute - is around 56 percent. Some regions reach rates as high as 73 percent and others are as low as 39 percent. Outside of the United States, rates of AIA membership are higher. In Europe, the rate may approach 95 percent.

To learn more about the AIA International Region, visit their website.


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