AIA Shanghai

March 2018


Chapter News | March 2018

While February was a relatively quiet month for AIA Shanghai due to the Spring Festival Holiday, we've been hard at work planning this year's lineup of master lectures, building tours, and of course, happy hours.  This month, we'd like to highlight a tier of membership that is becoming more popular for architects around the world, especially in China - the International Associate.  


What is an AIA International Associate?

There are several ways to be part of the American Institute of Architects. The two most common types of membership are Architect (AIA) and Associate (AIA Associate), but another type you may be unfamiliar with is International Associate (AIA Int Associate). This category of membership offers all of the benefits of AIA to architects registered outside of the United States.   As such, it may be especially appropriate to our colleagues in international practices, who may have been educated or licensed in other countries, but participate in American architectural practice, either by working in a US company or by collaborating with American architects.

AIA offers more than just initials behind your name. The international associate membership allows international architects to take advantage of all of the resources AIA provides, including

  • Connections to a global community of over 90,000 professionals. AIA offers members opportunities to grow their network and join conversations about our profession. AIA is also a leading force of advocacy for architects, granting members a voice in policy decisions.
  • Opportunities to increase knowledge and skills. Members can connect topically with their peers through AIA's Knowledge Communities, or take an online course anytime with AIAU.
  • Discounts on AIA products and events, including tours, lectures, competitions, and conferences.

If you or one of your associates are interested in becoming an AIA international associate, please see the Membership page on our website at for more information and an application. 

Yu Kang Headshot - Cropped.jpg

Yu Kang - International Associate, AIA

Senior Associate, CallisonRTKL Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

"I joined AIA Shanghai as an International Associate in order to grow my professional network, learn more about building knowledge, understand different domestic and foreign policies such as regulations, construction practices and some cutting-edge new design technology.  As I am working for an American company, joining AIA allows me to better understand the company history and corporate culture.  The United States is regarded as a world leader in architecture and the AIA organization’s prestigious reputation is beginning to be more well known here in China, so this also interested me in becoming a member."

"可以交更多专业性相关的朋友,学习更多关于建筑方面的知识,了解国内外不一样的例如法规、构造等做法和一些前沿的新技术新设计。 在为美国公司工作,加入Intl AIA 可以让我容易了解公司历史和企业文化。



Event Highlight - February 20x20 + Lecture


We had a great turnout for our monthly 20x20 event  at Gemma last Tuesday. Over 60 people came to enjoy some delicious food and beverages and hear Joseph Darling of Perkins Eastman present on creating Revit plug-ins and the upcoming BILT Asia Conference. Look for our next 20x20 on Thursday, March 15th!


Call for Panelists

AIA Shanghai is planning to host lectures and panel discussions on the topics listed below.

  • high rise

  • mixed use
  • interiors workplace
  • urban renewal
  • supertall
  • healthcare
  • retirement facilities

If you would be interested in being a panelist, we'd love to hear from you!